Mad Men: Real Predictions And Dream Drapersex

Well, we couldn’t expect another hour of total excitement after last week’s tension-breaking catharsisfest, could we? It’s back to the slow building, building, building. You know what I do while I watch Mad Men, to deal with the slowness? Jumping jacks. I highly recommend it. So, even though not a whole lot actually “happened” on last night’s show, there were some good lines and some even better foreshadowing. And also a dream-sequence Don/Betty sex scene that defies the propriety of the times in which they lived!

First, some predictions based on this episode:

“You should eat.” “Stop it Don. Noone’s watching.”:

Plus: “Aren’t you going to eat?”:

Equals: Betty is going to be anorexic!!

It’s 1962. The counterculture is coming in a few years. Glen tells Betty about being ignored by his divorced parents:

Equals: Glen is going to be a counterculture HIPPIE!

And this is the worst one, you guys. I’m sorry but Paul can’t be about to go down to Mississippi to register black voters with his girlfriend and say the words: “Nobody’s been shot lately”:

Unless either Paul (or more likely, his girlfriend) is going to be shot. :( :( :(!

But it’s okay, because as Betty’s only parent left, her family’s old housekeeper tells her: “It’s all good outside that door.”:

What? Nobody said that back then!

And introducing the clip that might be the most representative two minutes of this show ever: they make us sit through over a minute and a half of tense, awkward undressing in silence, only to get to a sex scene that turns out to ONLY BE A DREAM:

(We’re probably supposed to not know for sure whether or not it was a dream, but it was a dream. Because Betty was on top, and that position wasn’t invented until 1983.)

God, what a great show. I hope something happens next week when Don and Pete go out to LA. We’re still on Grand Gesture-Watch ’62!