Entourage: Let’s Do The Numbers

Entourage has four plot structures. There’s the “Uh Oh, Vince Is Doing Fame Wrong,” plot (#1). There’s the “Hooray, It Still Paid Off, Though,” plot (#2). There’s the “One-off Episode of Insignificance” plot (#3). And then there are episodes like last night’s show in which the plot seems to waffle between the #1 and #3. This is known as the “One-off Episode of False Significance” plot (#4). The only job Vince can get is on Benji so everyone piles into a Winnebago with Eric Roberts (sure) and drags Ari out to the desert where Drama has insisted they go on a mushroom-fueled spirit quest to discover whether or not Vince should take the job. At one point it looks like Vince might take the job, significance, but at the very last second he decides not so much.

So in the end, Vince does exactly what you knew he was going to do at the beginning of the episode. And now we’re perfectly set up for a #2 plot in the next couple of weeks. Which is about right, if you do the math, since we’ve had three #1 plots in a row, followed by a #4. Of course, you can’t have a #3 plot unless you’re in the midst of some #2 plots, because when it’s all #1 plots there’s too much “at stake” (there is nothing at stake) for an insignificant one-off.

There have been reports that the character of Dom will be returning this season, who is probably the king of the #3 plot, which hints that some #2 plots are definitely on the way. Vince will be returned to some kind of comfortable lifestyle allowing for nonsense to occur. Whoops, I mean more nonsense.

Math is hard.