SNL: Just The Funny Parts: Anne Hathaway Kills

Whoa, leave it to a pro like Annie Hathaway to host the best episode of SNL since her Get Smart co-star Steve Carell showed us how it was done in last spring’s season finale. Looking around the internet, everyone’s all “Tina Fey as Sarah Palin at the debate!” and “Mark Wahlberg talks to animals!”, both funny sketches. But my favorite sketch from this episode isn’t even on the internet (well, it is now.) The top five after the jump.

1. Sioux City Local News: America’s Most YouTubed News Team (now louder than earlier!):

2. Tina Fey as Sarah Palin at the debate (with guest Queen Latifah):

3. Mark Wahlberg Talks To Animals (Especially relevant since The Happening comes out on DVD tomorrow!)

4. Mary Poppins spreads an STD with an atrocious name:

5. Kristen Wiig is the weak link in this Lawrence Welk Sister Act:

That last one didn’t completely do it for me personally because Kristen Wiig’s “outrageous retard” characters are beginning to grate, god love her, but a lot of people disagree. Anne Hathaway was the best, wasn’t she? I think she has the comic chops to one day be the Alec Baldwin of chick SNL hosts.