Friday Fight: Who Would Make The Most Effective Get Out The Vote Ad?

gabe: what celebrity would you listen to
gabe: to vote
lindsay: Alan Alda.
gabe: alan alda?
lindsay: that is my answer
gabe: just what the world has been waiting for, the alan alda get out the vote campaign
gabe: you couldn’t think of anyone older?
gabe: is that the problem?
lindsay: I couldn’t think of anyone I trust more!
lindsay: But maybe William H. Macy
lindsay: he seems like he probably reads a lot
gabe: those are probably less effective celebrities than jessica alba
gabe: you did it
gabe: you found them
lindsay: Who would you listen to?
gabe: elle fanning

gabe: it’s the people who can’t even vote yet who can remind us how valuable it is
lindsay: We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from Elle Fanning.
gabe: elle fanning will probably be our first female president
lindsay: I think her sister has to be president first
gabe: no way, dakota’s old news
gabe: it’s elle’s time now
lindsay: dakota can run Florida like Jeb
gabe: i think it’s probably time that the kid from Jerry Maguire encouraged people to register to vote
gabe: where’s he?
gabe: oh he doesn’t think voting is important?
lindsay: Jonathan Lipnicki?
gabe: who’s that?
lindsay: He’s right there
gabe: hahahahahahah
gabe: there’s actually a photo of him in a “Vote” t-shirt
lindsay: that’s funny
lindsay: well, he’s doing his part
gabe: my apologies to jonathan lipnickiesas
gabe: he is clearly out there
gabe: fighting the fight
gabe: but he should probably spike his hair and put on those glasses
gabe: when he wears teh vote tshirt
gabe: so people know it’s him
gabe: then they see him and they’re like “it’s the kid from jerry maguire! where is the closest polling place?”
lindsay: which famous people are felons and can’t vote?
lindsay: is that a thing?
lindsay: there should be a video of them
lindsay: “I can’t vote — but you can.”
lindsay: them and british people who act in american movies
lindsay: them and hugh laurie
gabe: well, gwyneth paltrow

gabe: she’s not a felon
gabe: but she clearly belongs in jail
gabe: and she’s hardly american
lindsay: Yes, I will vote for whoever is not the person she tells me to vote for.
gabe: gwyneth paltrow is worse than the economic crisis
gabe: in terms of damaging the infrastructure of a stable capitalist society
gabe: because i can’t be alone in wanting to take up arms against the bourgeoisie
lindsay: omg, it all started with!
gabe: and i’m part of teh bourgeoisie!
gabe: do you think anyone has ever not voted
gabe: becuase of a celebrity
lindsay: No
gabe: not yet
lindsay: But after Perez…
lindsay: we’ll be living in the Post Perez voting ad era
gabe: i think someone might not vote
lindsay: nobody will ever vote again
gabe: because of the minka kelly ad

gabe: but that’s just because
gabe: they wouldn’t know they were supposed to vote
gabe: they would vote yes on bubbles, though
lindsay: Andy Dick should make a straight up voting ad
lindsay: if you were Andy Dick
lindsay: isn’t that what you’d do?
lindsay: and just put it on youtube?
lindsay: like, Andy Dick in a suit
gabe: if i was andy dick
gabe: i’d go to the hospital
gabe: and wait until i was better

gabe: why do celebrities even care?
gabe: tehy should just go keep being rich and shut up
gabe: where is the david blaine get out the vote tape?
gabe: i feel like a get out the vote tape is a hair’s breadth from a sex tape
gabe: everyone must have one
gabe: hidden somewhere
lindsay: hahaha
lindsay: well the thing with telling people to vote
lindsay: it’s hard to make it look sexy
gabe: what would your get out the vote campaign be?
gabe: your ad?
gabe: and don’t just tell me about some fake reality tv show you thought of while you were high last night either
gabe: Who Ate All This Cake?
gabe: is not a get out the vote campaign
lindsay: it would be the cast of designing women
lindsay: now
lindsay: and people would be like “what? I have to forward this”
lindsay: the end
gabe: splash some cold water on your face
gabe: there’s an election going on
lindsay: you’re right, i’m sorry