It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Eyes Wide Yuck

You might not expect a show like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to expose bitter truths and harsh realities, but that’s just what they were doing on last night’s episode. For example, gone are the days when we could naively glorify the destructive violence of grenades, now that Charlie and Mac exposed the anticlimactic effects of said weapon by throwing it into a car and watching smoke lamely trickle out of the windows. Did Charlie and Mac then proceed to shoot at the car’s gas tank, hoping for a monstrous explosion? They did. Did a monstrous explosion occur? It did not. Open your eyes, sheeple!

But the best exposed truth last night was the truth that sex parties are bound to be horrifyingly sad and overwhelmingly depressing. Especially when Danny DeVito is the one inviting you.

The more you know.