The Battle Of The VP Candidate Blooper Reels

Is everyone going to a VP debate party tonight? And if someone had told you four years ago that everyone would be excited about watching the VP debate together in 2008, wouldn’t you think the people of the future were the biggest nerds? But we’re not, it’s just crazy times! In advance of the debate, the McCain campaign has put out a special video about how they think Joe Biden doesn’t have tact (overrated!) and the people of the internet have put out a special video about how Sarah Palin has rocks in her head (underrated!) Here they are. We report, you decide.

McCain campaign: “Joe Biden doesn’t read everything he says off vague cue cards!”:

The internet: “Sarah Palin does!” (Via Talking Points Memo):

Personally, I think when Joe Biden accidentally asked the guy in a wheelchair to stand up, his reaction to his own gaffe was affable and admirably self-effacing. And his IQ probably IS a lot higher than certain others. We’ll find out tonight at our nerdy debate parties!