Historic Trash Talk: The Ultimate Fighter Edition, Part 3

It became clear last night that the target of our original installment of Historic Trash Talk, Junie Browning, is actually the king of the medium. Sure, the guy who said that he belonged in the times of Hitler is a legend in the field, but plenty of one hit wonders become legends only to fade into obscurity. Junie, on the other hand, is going to continue to spit threats like hot fire for as long as he is on the show, which according to the preview of next week’s episode may not be for long.

There was plenty of great trash talk from the young Browning last night as all the contestants entered the house for the first time and he proceeded to get wicked drunk. First he jovially asked some of the other men in the house to whip his back with rods, at which point he shouted “Call me Kunta Kinte!” Niiiiice. Then he proceeded to smash everything he could get his hands on, demand that everyone fight him immediately, and break down crying next to the pool. Perfect.

But the moment that we’ll focus on is just some classic trash talk. Old school. When the coach of the red team, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, joined his team at the McMansion for dinner, Junie, a member of Team Mir, told it like it is.

Classic. That is the definition of classic. When you look up the word “classic” in the dictionary (make sure it’s a dictionary written in crayon) there’s a picture of Junie Browning and underneath it says “You’re all gay as hell.”

Next week: Junie Browning tries to shoot the moon, trash talk wise, by getting all the trash talk.