SPOILER ALERT: Vincent Chase Is Going To Be Fine

Entourage is such an emotional roller-coaster. It’s like, one minute they’re by the pool, and the next minute they’re in the Hummer. One minute it’s sushi, the next minute it’s iced cappuccino. UP AND DOWN, UP AND DOWN.

This season, the main drama has been Vincent Chase’s career. He’s ruined! Is he ruined? He might be ruined! Week in and week out I am on the edge of my seat wondering what’s going to become of Vincent Chase. (Week in and week out I am not on the edge of my seat wondering what’s going to become of Vincent Chase.) In just this most recent episode, E faced a difficult hurdle when the screenplay he was representing entered a bidding war between Edward Norton and the studios, a difficult hurdle that threatened E’s friendship with Vince to such a degree that they might sit in their respective bedrooms in Drama’s condo for up to 45 minutes before rejoining in the kitchen for a protein-infused pomegranate smoothie. Has Vince’s star sunk so low that he cannot even win a supporting role in a movie written by a couple of gun-toting unknowns? Have his devil-may-care attitude towards the rules of the game and his misplaced gamble on Medellin driven the final nail into Vince’s career coffin?

Nope. Yeah, no. Turns out things are probably going to work out, at least according to a fake movie poster for the fake movie on this fake show (via TheBadAndUgly). It indicates that Vince is actually going to get that supporting role in the end, and the movie is going to star Edward Norton, and probably Vince is going to be just fine. That’s weird. They really had me going for a second there (they did not have me going for a second there). Yay! Let’s just greenlight ten thousand more seasons of shiny, fast-talking, lukewarm, no-stakes entertainment and end it.