The Celebrities Are Trying To Tell Us To Vote

We should all be getting around a hundred emails with this not-terrible video in which all the celebrities except the really young ones and the really old ones urge you to vote (and to send the video to five friends.) It’s kind of hard to make fun of when I both actually laughed twice and then went and made sure I was registered to vote. So this video wins, even if it now becomes clear that Ashton and Demi’s dumb video yesterday was some kind of outtake of this:

Hell, I’ll vote just to get Benecio Del Toro to stop being so scary. But the question is, will you get 100 of the censored version, or the uncensored version? This version had both “shit” and “fuck” in it. If our founding fathers knew, they would be like “What’s a viral video?” (First found via Best Week Ever, but, like, try to hide from this video this week.)