Let’s Welcome The Great Norm MacDonald To The Facebook Community

Thanks to tipster Randi, I learned today that the real Norm MacDonald is a new member of Facebook, and that he (or his Facebook Intern) is accepting friend requests from just any old person. Like me! Facebook friendship is a sacred circle of trust, and I don’t want to compromise Norm’s and my budding BFFhood by revealing too much of what I’ve learned about him from perusing his profile, but here are some things I’ve learned about him from perusing his profile.

1. Norm is a fan of Bob Newhart (also, proof that we’re friends):

2. Norm is a member of the Facebook group “I Don’t Even Remember What The Old Facebook Looked Like.” That’s funny for some reason.

3. Norm posted this picture of himself under “profile pictures.” Love it:

Norm MacDonald is the best, that’s all. I’m going to go buy him a Facebook imaginary cupcake in honor of his genius at the Bob Saget Roast.