I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry Continues To Hurt People

We are a little bit late on this story, but it is incredible and your mind is about to be blown. Get a bucket. For the mind bits. From the Human Rights Campaign:

Last week at a Senate hearing on equal family benefits for LGBT federal workers, the Bush Administration’s Howard Weizmann cited the plot of the Adam Sandler movie “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry,” about two men who pretend to be gay, as evidence the program would be scammed.

CRAMAZING. Howard Weizmann is your deputy director of the United States Office of Personnel Management. You guys are always doing paperwork together and coming up with insane rationale for denying people basic services. You should hear him cite Dude Where’s My Car? at the D.C. Zoning Board meetings as an argument against new parking structures in Adams Morgan. You should hear him reference Biodome as a defense against environmental regulations. You should hear him employ Dead Man on Campus as a rationale for why we shouldn’t let freshmen get straight A’s just because their roommate committed suicide. And a million other jokes like this that ultimately aren’t that funny because in reality we’re talking about how someone is doing serious work to curtail the liberty of other people via bigotry, garbage logic, and Adam Sandler nightmares.

Howard Weizmann is a fucking asshole.