Proud American: A Simple Movie About Corporate Deregulation For Simple Folk Who Don’t Know What That Is

The internet finally has a trailer for Proud American, this really weird movie sponsored by Coca Cola and Wal Mart (for real) that opened in theaters and IMAX on September 12. It’s a drama that tells four American stories about “opportunity, freedom, and personal responsibility” and the reason it has those corporate sponsors is because it was commissioned by those companies as a two-hour commercial for corporate deregulation. Seriously. And Yakov Smirnoff is in it. Hey, kids, who wants to see a movie about responsibility?:

When I told Gabe about this trailer he got very excited because his favorite person ever, Tom Scharpling of The Best Show On WFMU, did a whole rant about this movie a few weeks ago on his show, and it’s really funny:

I’ve been trying to imagine the type of people who would go to see Proud American, and all I can come up with is “People at a museum who want to see an IMAX movie and don’t know what Proud American is, but T-Rex: Back To The Cretaceous doesn’t start for another hour and honey the kids are driving me crazy, please.” and “Ned, Rod, and Todd Flanders.”