We Cross Our Fingers For Mystery Team, The Derrick Comedy Movie

The comedy troupe and masterful creators of internet videos, Derrick Comedy, announced on their website earlier this year that they were up in New Hampshire shooting their first feature length film. Wow. Everyone agreed this was terrific news. It would be called Mystery Gang, no, Mystery Team, and it would be hilarious. Well, shooting has wrapped and the project has entered post-production. Wow, great. Post production! That’s a movie term that I have heard of!

But now it turns out that they actually made the movie completely on their own and there is no distributor agreement yet. Hmmmm. No distributor agreement yet? That is a movie thing that happens, right guys? I think I read about it in an article on Cannes. Anyway, they put a trailer on-line this week. It’s after the jump. Maybe you will watch it and you will decide to distribute this movie. Or maybe you will have to get into a bidding war with US!

Hmmm. No. We have thought about it long and hard and decided that now is not the time to launch Major Motion Picture Distributiongum Dot Business, so we will not be distributing Mystery Team. But the Derrick Comedy guys are crazy talented. We keep our fingers crossed on this project. We hope that it finds distribution and blows up in everyone’s face. We hope that they become so successful that it’s humiliating to people, like other people feel shame at ever having tried to do anything, and we hand over the Keys to Entertainment and let Derrick Comedy do all the driving. We also hope that one day someone actually does start a company called Major Motion Picture Distributiongum Dot Business, because that would be ridiculous.