Pete Campbell From Mad Men Was The Badass Kid In Masterminds


Anyone remember Masterminds, the 1997 movie starring Patrick Stewart that was “Die Hard in a prep school”? It could probably never be made now because of school shootings, but I remember seeing it a theater partly because I liked Die Hard, and partly because I was really really good at that board game, Mastermind. (We all had weird reasons for seeing movies in the ’90s.) Anyway, I was staring at the earlier roles on Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser’s IMDB page and noticed that before he played the smarmy kissass Pete Campbell, Vincent played the skateboarding, long-haired “resident bad boy” who hijacked the prep school in Masterminds. He may be the cool kid in this trailer, but Mad Men fans would recognize that voice anywhere:

Vincent must be such a good actor to be able to play both roles. Jon Hamm better watch his #1 Mad Men Supercrush back, is all I’m saying.