The Road To The White House Runs Through Tim And Eric (No It Doesn’t)

I know it can be pretty hard to know where I stand politically based on my objective, non-partisan posts on Videogum, but I will admit that I support Barack Obama. Don’t get me wrong, if Sarah Palin was running for President rather than the demeaning role of second in command to which she has been foolishly shuttled by an ignorant and unimaginative GOP, I would totally be voting for her. VOTE BABY VOTE. Gosh, I just hope that I live long enough to one day see a Sarah Palin presidency. She is the best. I think I like her so much because of how capable and prepared for the job she is. Either that, or her open-minded attitudes towards rape victims and wolves. She’s the total package. Sorry, I’m getting carried away. Wishing for a world in which people like Sarah Palin are finally allowed to control superpowers can be all-consuming, but it’s like, you know, wish in one hand, shit in the other and see which one fills up first, although something tells me this wish is also shit so then you’ll have two hands full of shit and Sarah Palin will be President and it’s like whoops. OK, BACK ON TRACK.

No matter where you stand on the candidates this election season, I think we can all agree that whoever brought these Stepford children together to sing about Barack Obama hates this country.

(via Gawker via Drudge)

This video is one of those moments when you feel bad for someone who’s done so well at connecting with their core audience. Like when I went to see Tim and Eric do their Awesome Show live on-stage. Most of the kids in the crowd looked like a pile of dirty laundry topped with some loose hair pulled from a clogged drain and it was like, on the one hand I think Tim and Eric are supremely talented and maybe even geniuses, and on the other hand I couldn’t help feeling bad for them during the show. Like, aw, this is your audience! These are your people!

This is almost exactly like that, except, you know, less about a couple of alternative comedians with a gang of mentally unstable side characters and a history of poop jokes and more ABOUT THE FUTURE OF THE FREE WORLD. But basically the same.