How I Met Your Mother: The Night Of The Burger

How I Met Your Mother is back to being great again! Last night’s episode, “The Night Of The Burger,” had all the elements of a classic HIMYM episode — the gang goes on a geeky New York adventure based on an arbitrary obsession (in this case, the ultimate burger), Barney has a lot of great lines (“This burger is so good I’m getting my ass sewed shut”), a new phrase is coined (“The Underwear Radius”), and there’s nary a potential girlfriend for Ted in sight (Stella must have been home with that kid we never see anymore.) Regis Philbin’s appearance as himself was hilarious, but it was Jason Segel as the jobless, burger-obsessed Marshall who stole the show. This scene, in which Marshall gives an impassioned monologue about the virtues of the lowly burger is Jason Segel at his best, which is saying a lot:

I’m so not embarrassed to be a fan of this show anymore! I’m getting my hopes way, way up!