30 Rock DVD Extras: The Methadone We Need Until October 30

This is not an ad for 30 Rock Season 2 on DVD, which comes out October 7 (next Tuesday) with cast commentary, extras, and deleted scenes, but it’s going to sound like one because I can’t help it. Even if you never missed an episode and in fact watched each one three times, there’s something about watching entire TV seasons in a row that (everyone knows by now) is super fun. The show has released some excerpts from the DVD extras to the internet, which will have to tide us over until the show’s glorious return on October 30, 2008. Videos after the jump.

Deleted scene: Jack tries to get a job at a dot com. “Whoa, is that paper? We use life pads here.”:

An excerpt from a table read:

And an excerpt from a live reading during the writer’s strike at UCB Theatre:

Personally, I’m most excited for the commentary. (Via Cinemablend.)