Barack Obama Is The Adam/Chu Dance Crew And John McCain Is Miley And Mandy

We all remember the historic Adam/Chu Dance Crew’s YouTube dance off with Miley Cyrus and Mandy Jiroux. That noble competition ended, of course, in Miley Cyrus mobilizing the dark forces of her tween army to steal the win at the Teen Choice Awards. Well, this weekend Jon Chu announced a new YouTube dance off in honor/celebration of the election season, to determine which political party is the best at dancing. It is called The Official Rep. Vs. Dem. Dance Off and it is ridiculous.

I like how they clearly had to force some of their friends to put on red shirts and pretend to represent McCain. “But I support Obama!” “Well, you’re welcome to dance in a blue shirt in someone else’s outlandlshly themed internet dance competition launch video, but if you want to dance in this outlandishly themed internet dance competition launch video, you put on the red shirt.”

The problem with this event is that even though it was totally obvious that Miley Cyrus stole the win in the last dance off, we could all have some no-stakes fun and enjoy some rigorous, athletic dancing. This time not so much. Depending on how things go on November 4th, there’s a totally reasonable chance that the results of Jon Chu’s internet dance off is going to be the last fucking thing anyone wants to hear. Real talk.