Drunk History: William Henry Harrison

New Drunk History, you guys, with JD Ryznar from Yacht Rock. It also stars Paul Schneider from All the Real Girls. All the Real Girls is great! This is also great!:

“He was an old fashioned dude, so he was like, this, I’m going to do all the grocery shopping for the White House myself.” Learning!

I should probably point out in the spirit of full disclosure (I’ll take that Pulitzer Prize for Journalism now, Mr. Pulitzer Prize), that J.D. Ryznar and I went to college together. He’s done lots of great stuff since then, like Yacht Rock, and this, but the thing I will always best remember him for was a play he wrote and directed, put on in the basement of our dorm. Namely, there was a scene in which a waiter pitched his screenplay for a Dante’s Peak style disaster movie to a dining couple. The movie was called Torcano. It was about a killer twister that flies over a volcano and becomes a torcano, a tornado of molten lava. I still think about Torcano all the time. All the time.

I didn’t go to any schools with Paul Schneider. The end.