People Who Write Blogs For A Living Are Ridiculous

In the latest episode of BoingBoing TV, Xeni Jardin travels in a magical plane that allows passengers to experience what zero gravity is like. That’s her job? That is her job. Nuts.

Don’t get me wrong. I spent most of the day yesterday crafting a carefully worded open letter to Hollywood regarding Jay Mohr, so I’M NOT DOING SO BAD (I am doing so bad). The real question is WHAT IS THIS PLANE AND WHY AM I NOT ALWAYS RIDING THIS PLANE EVERY TIME I AM ON A PLANE?

Also, take it easy, Intel Chairman Craig Barrett. This is the coolest thing you’ve done all day. UGH. That would be one of the grossest expressions of hyper-privileged smarm ever even if we WEREN’T EMBROILED IN A NATIONAL ECONOMIC CRISIS. That guy. I would make a joke about pushing him out of the zero gravity plane but he probably has a golden parachute. Get it? Lame. What’s wrong with me today? What’s wrong with me every day?