It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Charlie And Dee Go Viral

Nope. I take it back. Last week, I offered a guarded but enthusiastic apology to “the gang” for a summer of anti-Sunny postings in which I claimed that the show had moved away from its irreverent lo-fi roots to become a dull churn of poop jokes and impossible side characters. And this week, the “guarded” part of my apology really came to bear. You guys, I’m sorry again, but I find at least half of this show to be treading lukewarm water. Most importantly, Mac’s and Dennis’s two-dimensional sleezebag caricatures are flat and dully offensive. Offensive is the wrong word. But it’s like they were created in a secret sitcom laboratory deep in the basement of Maxim magazine. If you got rid of Charlie and Dee and just made it a show about those two bros, you seriously could put that show on Spike. SPIKE!

But that brings us to Charlie and Dee. CHARLIE AND DEE! They are so good. Last night, Dee attempted to make a viral video for YouTube with some help from Charlie, and let’s just say they nailed it. Repeatedly.

Get it? Nailed it repeatedly? Because of the volleyball? God, you guys never get it. Seriously, though, Charlie and Dee for President. If Sarah Palin can be President (she cannot be President), Charlie and Dee can be President (they cannot be President). But come on, they should get their own show. I mean, I know they basically have their own show, which is this show, but you know? You know? God, you guys never know.