Dear Banks: Now’s Not The Time To Let David Lynch Make Your Commercials

This commercial for HSBC aired last night during, appropriately, the CBS Evening News. It makes absolutely zero sense whatsoever. NONE:

Who is Henry? Her boyfriend? Her dad? Her brother? Did he use his HSBC atm card to bail her out, is that what the point sort of is? Why is there a bank commercial that takes place in a haunting post-apocalyptic wasteland? I looked it up on YouTube, and apparently this commercial is a very shitty cut up version of this, which also has seemingly nothing to do with banks, but crams in as many creepy-looking people and moments of fear as possible:

(The song is by Joanna Newsom, btw.) The spelling of “recognise” at the end might be a hint that this version was intended for the UK or Canada, but there’s no excuse for whatever it was that aired during the news last night. Even if I’m missing something and there’s more of an explanation for this (an ongoing series, for example) now might be the time for banks to nix commercials that can best be described as frightening, dark, and confusing. WTF, HSBC? It’s like this was pitched as “The Road: The Bank Commercial: Now.”