Eric Wareheim’s Music Video For Flying Lotus Beats Around The Bush

Yesterday, a video made the rounds in which a montage of porno clips were partially covered up with cute animations, so that suddenly it looked like people were riding ponies and eating delicious sundaes instead of raw dogging it, and cetra. It was deemed safe for work, but the truth is that it was not at all SFW. I don’t know where you work, but I work in my home, by myself, and that video was not safe for my work. Thumbs down, viral marketing executives at Diesel.

I say, if you’re going to cover up explicit sexual content with some colorful animations, don’t be clever about it. Just hire a couple of non-professional actors who look like they might possibly suffer from mental disabilities, put them in thrift store clothes that even the kids in Williamsburg might think twice about wearing, turn it into a music video for “Parisian Goldfish” by Flying Lotus, and have Eric Wareheim of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job direct it.

And make sure that it’s super not safe for work. SNSFW. Don’t play games.

Sorry, I probably should have warned you about the FLASHING LIGHTS!