David Blaine: Living Historical Metaphor?

Gabe has already done the proper Videogum evisceration honors for both David Blaine’s epic fail last night, and Blaine’s excuses today that it was caused by George Bush’s “Stock up on potable water, whatever that means.” last-minute speech. But I have to post this clip I grabbed last night, which at the time I thought was funny because of its inherent assumption that there are people out there who were worried and upset that David Blaine’s Dive Of Death special might be cut off by the President’s speech. I thought it was dumb of ABC to think they needed to reassure people (even though, obviously, I was taping the David Blaine special.) But then I watched the speech, and now I just feel like this 30 seconds should go in a time capsule. Kinda funny, kinda scary:

It might just be a me thing, but it seems like a lot can be summed up in that 30 seconds.