Wait A Second, This Movie Makes George W. Bush Look Dumb!

Hollywood has released a “final trailer” for Oliver Stone’s W., whatever that means. Don’t get your hopes up for another trailer, I guess, this is it:

I think that as a country most people are so fed up, exhausted, and saddened by the legacy of the Bush Administration’s 8 years in office and in such desperate need for some kind of universal retribution, an apology from SOMEONE for ALL OF THIS, that the sweet delights of schadenfreude make this movie irresistible. But then at the same time, maybe a darkly satirical movie about how we elected a bumbling half-wit with a giant oedipal chip on his shoulder might have been more interesting four years ago. Watching this just feels like listening to some EDGY stand-up comedy act from 2004. This one mostly, I guess.