The Please Don’t Make Me Meet Kathy Griffin Contest Has A Winner!

Two weeks ago, in response to a contest Kathy Griffin posted on her website that offered one lucky (lucky?) fan the chance to meet her, we decided to host our own contest offering our readers the chance to not have to meet her. It was titled the Please Don’t Make Me Meet Kathy Griffin Contest, and the response has been incredible. Admittedly, the response has been three responses, but to us that is incredible.

It has been difficult selecting a winner because all of the entries submitted show a clear desire on the part of the contestants to not meet Kathy Griffin. But we had to pick one. So we did.

Without further blogdo, the winner and grand champion of our Please Don’t Make Me Meet Kathy Griffin Contest is…

Marc Alex, with this ridiculous and amazing entry.


Honorable Mention:
The two semi-finalists both entered strongly and should be commended for their hard work.

Arch Noble


Congratulations to all of our contestants. We’re happy to announce that you all win the Grand Prize of not having to meet Kathy Griffin, which is the BEST PRIZE. Our first place winner, Marc Alex, will receive one Videogum Neighborhoodie Tee of his choice. Who’s on top and who’s on bottom now?