Bride Wars: Feel The Spray Tan On Your Skin

Bride Wars: Feel The Spray Tan On Your Skin

Bride Wars, aka “The Remember When Kate Hudson Had Blue Hair For A Few Days, Here’s Why Movie”, now has a trailer up on the internet:

I’m torn between my hatred (or whatever, it’s complicated) of chick flicks and my love of escalating revenge movies (Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, The War Of The Roses), but despite actually containing a “then the terrorists win” joke (TOO LATE), the overwhelming appeal of Annie Hathaway compels me to say yeah, I’ll see that shit. Whatever. Here’s a little Bride Wars trivia you might not know: due to scheduling difficulties, Candice Bergen actually performed her “upper class bitch in a chick flick” acting duties while literally asleep! (Seriously: eight roles in eight years.)

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