How I Met Your Mother: Barney’s Booty Call Timeline

Last night’s HIMYM premiere cemented the show’s status as Friends with drinking. It’s not can’t-miss and still has surprising moments, but, well, nobody really cares who the mother is anymore, do we? Last night’s premiere was so-so: (spoiler alert) Stella said yes to Ted’s proposal, but threw a kink in the works by not liking Star Wars (so something that would happen to Chandler!), and Barney seemed headed in a disastrous Joey-like sudden-emotional-complexity direction before correcting at the end with a misogynist speech about bimbos that, with all love and respect, could have been given by Charlie Sheen’s character on Two And A Half Men (ouch, way harsh.) But this part where Lily helps Barney call and ask Robin out is funny for Barney’s analysis of the timeline of booty calls/texts:

While this episode was still better than any other traditional sitcom on TV right now, the HIMYM original fan base is in desperate need of a stand-alone weird episode like “Slap Bet.” And, hey, when are they going to tell us more about the goat?