Kathie Lee Does Not Take Kirk Cameron’s Sexual Purity Seriously

It’s hard to admit this, but I’m kind of coming around on Kathie Lee. Sure, she treats Hoda the way the Heathers treated Winona Ryder, but I’m starting to subscribe to the “They have an understanding” theory on that. And the woman just does not bullshit — or, rather, her bullshitting is so transparent that it seems like she’s dying for us to see through her. Like this morning, when Kathie and Hoda welcomed Christian Actor Kirk Cameron to talk about his endlessly-promoted new church-sponsored movie, Fireproof. Kathie’s lingering “aww” face to Hoda when Kirk tells the story of (I shit you not) how he filmed a kissing scene in the movie by dressing his real-life wife up as the movie’s character and kissing her instead (so as to avoid kissing another woman) is just priceless. We know you’re faking, Kathie Lee:

“Even in acting?” “You kissed me this morning!” (Awkward laughter.) It can be argued that every moment of the Today Show’s fourth hour is full of exactly the same amount of Kathie Lee underminer moments, but this one is special because seriously, Kirk Cameron? I almost want to see Fireproof now, just to see this hardcore XXX passionate kiss that would have gone against everything he believes in. But I’m not giving any money to the creationist banana conspiracy.