Alec Baldwin Is A National Treasure

Diane Sawyer interviewed Alec Baldwin on 20/20 Friday night, and though Alec wasn’t quite as effusive as he was in his famous 60 Minutes interview last May, it was probably because he was promoting his new book about the serious subject of parental alienation, “a woman-on-man crime.” But even while discussing his advocacy project, Alec is the same old unfiltered, lovable egomaniac. There is no better interview subject in the world than Alec Baldwin, because only Alec Baldwin says things like he hopes the lawyers and judges in his custody case “all die of heart attacks,” and likens his case to “being tied to the back of a pickup truck and dragged down a dirt road.” He also continues his tendency to point out when the cameramen laugh at his jokes. Man, I hope this guy never gets a publicist. Full interview after the jump.

Part 1: “Are you telling me you like hairy men?”

Part 2: “You think my daughter has TMZ on speed dial?”:

I love that guy so much! Here’s Alec last night, getting choked up when 30 Rock won the Emmy for Best Comedy Series: