Entourage: T.I. Cameos And Remains Sexy While Doing So

No matter what Jeremy Piven’s Emmy win last night implies, it has become clinically impossible to care about any of the characters on this show (yes, clinically, because I am a doctor, and you have just been cured). Vince is washed up but I bet one day he won’t be washed up! Ari Gold is a petulant, homophobic bully! Turtle! So, if we can’t invest ourselves in the no stakes poker that is the daily routine of the fictional celebrity, the only thing that really remains to hash over is the cameos by real celebrities.

Last night there was Fran Drescher! And that funny little Jew who makes me think of Albert Brooks but I know it’s not Albert Brooks but they’re kind of similar! But mostly there was T.I., who did a totally decent job of playing himself for thirty seconds.

On the one hand, it says something important about your show that I’d much rather watch a fake movie you made up as a joke than watch the rest of your show. But on the other hand, I’d much rather watch a fake movie in which T.I. plays a young grocery clerk who falls in love with an older Jewish woman than almost any show. So there’s definitely that.