T-Mobile’s New Commercial Is Just Begging For An SNL Parody

Check it out gang, I know what’s going to be on SNL this weekend ahead of time! Remember during the premiere they had a funny parody of that T-Mobile commercial with Jason Sudeikis playing the dad who called his daughter’s friends hot (the video is #2 here)? Well there’s another messed up T-Mobile commercial, and you’ve probably seen it because it’s literally playing all the time instead of anything else on TV this week:

So, okay, I’m just spitballing here, but I’m thinking along the lines of they act out the commercial exactly, and then the doorbell rings. Standing there are a middle-aged lady (Vivian), a tall thin man with a baseball cap and a shirt that says “Pete” (Skinny Pete), a soccer MILF (that lady the dad is always staring at at soccer practice) and, of course, Derek with the moustache and the Mustang Derek. And they’re like, to the Dad, like: “We found out that you’re fucking all of us and we’re mad!” And then comedy ensues! (What? I’m not going to write the whole thing for them. That’s their job.)