SNL: Just The Funny Parts Part: Cat And Chicken

Well, it seems that even the overwhelming comedic power of James Franco (and inexplicable cameo-guest Cameron Diaz) wasn’t strong enough to make this week’s SNL funny. From the Al Franken-assisted oddly dogmatic McCain ad cold open to the weird digital short, this week’s show was just a total wash, thwarting my efforts to post “just the funny parts” each Monday morning. So today there’s just one short clip, from Weekend Update. Presenting the only part of this week’s SNL worth watching on a website instead of doing work: Amy Poehler’s cat and chicken joke, and Amy Poehler’s Facebook joke:

So true! It reminds me of calling bullshit on a goat and buffalo friendship last month. (And if you still want to see the sketches NBC deemed clip-worthy, they’re after the jump.)

McCain Approves Open:

OJ Jury Selection:

TNT Promo: The Looker:

Alternate Ending To Of Mice And Men:

Yankee Stadium: Scorsese & Perez:

Digital Short: Hey! (Murray Hill):

Come on SNL, you can do better! More fake commercials, please.