Historic Trash Talk: The Ultimate Fighter Edition, Part 1

Spike TV’s reality show The Ultimate Fighter, which entered its eighth season last night, is admittedly not for everyone. For whatever reason, some people aren’t into devastating elbows and knees from the clinch. Not to mention mixed martial arts’ obsessive pandering to meatheads. All accompanied by a Slipknot soundtrack. Add to that mix the already repulsive tendencies of reality televison, and you’ve created a show with very limited appeal indeed. I understand that.

But if there’s one thing that almost everyone can get on board with, it’s incredible trash talk, and this show has that in abundance (if any UFC fans are reading this from a Google search and have not visited Videogum before, “abundance” means “lots”). Last night, the best came from Jose Aguilar in the run up to his fight against Junie Browning.

Let’s just say that it starts with “I belong with Napoleon, dawg, Alexander, dude, Hitler,” and goes from there.

Bonus points, of course, to Junie Browning, both for displaying his own brand of wit at the end of this clip, but also for winning the match. Aw. Poor Jose Aguilar. At least now he will have more time to work on his time machine so that he can go back to “D.C. times” where he’s the Ultimate Fighter because Ultimate Fighting hasn’t been invented yet.

Next week: more historic trash talk!