Vote For Sarah Palin And Pay Nothing For Six Months!

Sarah Palin’s first campaign ad (via Wonkette), from when she was running for the mayor of Wasilla, is the best.

In your face, Schweig Engel.

My favorite thing about this commercial is not the music, because that is a given. That’s like a default favorite thing. Everyone’s favorite thing about this commercial is the music. But I particularly like all of the evidence she gives prospective voters that she is experienced at talking into microphones. Just in case anyone thought that Sarah Palin did not have any experience talking into microphones, there are as many as two examples of her doing just that. Well, one example of her talking into a microphone and one example of her sitting silently behind a microphone. But definitely near and sometimes using microphones. Her campaign slogan was probably “Vote for Sarah Palin: Tough on Microphones.” No it wasn’t. It was “A Vote for Sarah Palin Is a Vote for Jungle Gyms.” No it wasn’t. It was “Sarah Palin: Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem!” I believe that my limited experience as Governor of Zings more than qualifies me to be the Vice President of Zings.