Mad Men: Don And Betty Are The New Ross And Rachel

Whoa, things are getting so heavy on Mad Men that nobody can take it! Last night, we found out Joan is actually smart in a “can predict what happens next on soap operas” way, Peggy takes naked baths with herself, and Heineken paid a lot of money for a product placement deal with AMC. But those revelations paled in comparison to the Big Scene where Betty was all “I know you hooked up with that skank who’s like how old, like 80?” and Don was like “But WE WERE ON A BREAK!”

Or whatever. We have to wait two weeks (Emmys next Sunday!) to find out what sort of happens, and this show never breaks the tension or really climaxes into anything, but guess what does? This new Mad Men couples fan-tribute video set to “Marching Bands Of Manhattan” by Death Cab For Cutie. The “Your love is gonna drown” one! Goosebumps:

It’s not the Don-and-Betty’s-maybe-doomed-love tribute video of our fan-tasies, but it does the job kind of better than the show. Which means they need more emotionally manipulative music on the show. They can afford it now with all that Heineken money.