Tobin Bell Claims The Saw Movies Have Saved Over 235,000 Lives

This is one of the strangest, creepiest PSAs I’ve ever seen. Saw’s Tobin Bell for the American Red Cross on how they “want your blood”:

I guess it’s not enough that the movies are “about” “teaching” people to “appreciate their lives.” Hey, if I were in any way involved in the making of the Saw franchise, I would want to somehow justify its 100% negative contribution to the world by linking it to a charity, too, but this is just odd. Especially at the end when he says “Remember, if it’s Halloween, it must be Saw,” which, aside from being awkward product promotion at the end of a PSA that’s supposedly about saving lives, implies that we have to live with the Saw movies forever. The takeaway here is that the American Red Cross must be absolutely desperate for blood, so make an appointment today. Please don’t tell them Saw sent you.