Guy Fieri Was In The SNL Audience For Some Reason

The internet has been ablaze all weekend about the Saturday Night Live premiere and in particular the Tina Fey cameo as Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, but what no one sees to be talking about is how T.G.I. Fridays spokesman and your boyfriend Guy Fieri was in the audience.

Did you know Guy Fieri’s body is over 75 percent butterfat? Just kidding! Although I do think that the last thing America needs is someone telling them that cheese-drenched sour cream sticks with a side of bacon fat aioli are “fine dining,” but I’m not America’s dad (YET).

OK, so fair enough, Guy Fieri loves to laugh. But I thought it was a little weird at the end of the show when all the performers are on stage waving goodbye to the camera that Guy Fieri had to get out of his seat and shake hands with a member of Lil Wayne’s entourage.

They seemed like they might be friends, but still. Take it easy, Sonic. Maybe that kind of thing flies when you’re backstage at the Northeastern Finals of the Buffalo Wings Eating Tournament, but this is national television.

Here’s a classic clip in which Guy Fieri shows Rachael Ray how to make “pepperoni stuffing.” Apparently, he cooks every meal as if he’s at the world’s saddest dive bar because when he was a kid growing up in Northern California, his parents made him eat some vegetables.

Guy Fieri’s heart pumps bleu cheese dressing. He’s like a superhero whose only weakness is heart attacks. So many heart attacks.