The People Demand That Hugh Laurie Relinquish His Burger King Gold Card

It was announced today that Hugh Laurie just got a big salary bump for his role as Dr. House on House, making him one of the highest paid actors on television. From Reuters:

He is the star of the biggest drama on television. Now Hugh Laurie is poised to become one of the highest-paid actors on TV with a new deal to continue on Fox’s “House.”

The British actor’s salary is expected to rise to about $400,000 an episode, or more than $9 million a year, under a pact with producer Universal Media Studios.

Fine. He’s a famous TV star, and besides, it’s still $200,000 less per episode than Gil Grissom makes. But with that much money does it really seem fair that this man continues to carry a BURGER KING GOLD CARD in his wallet? Surely that card should now go to someone who actually needs it, like Carson Daly.

Hugh Laurie, the people demand that you forfeit your Burger King Gold Card!

Please sign my petition encouraging Hugh Laurie to relinquish his Burger King Gold Card in light of the fact that it’s fucking ridiculous.