Just How Bad Is Michael Phelps Going To Be On SNL This Weekend?

Probably even worse than the image quality on this video (zing? self-deprazingtion?):

That’s the worst! That’s not even a good joke and Phelps still can’t help but snort and grin through it, hoping that this 10,000th take will be the last. Don’t get me wrong, Michael Phelps is under no obligation to be a funny or charismatic person. All he has to do is get in that water and go so fast. But you are on TV now, sir, so dig into those famous reserves of will and determination, and GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. To quote Lindsay Robertson, “how many characters with marbles in their mouth can he play?”

Great question, Lindsay Robertson.People has a preview of just some of the hilarious situations Michael Phelps is going to get into:

Phelps, who won a record eight gold medals, began reading through skits with the cast Wednesday night, and it’s already clear his wardrobe will be kept to a minimum, with parodies of his Olympics moments, his skimpy Speedos, his emotional mom in the stands – and even Phelps as Aquaman.

“There’s some really, really funny skits – anything you can imagine, they nailed just about every topic,” Phelps says.

They nailed just about every topic. From swimming to Aquaman. Name a topic, they nailed. “Swimming?” Yeah, they nailed swimming. “Well I know one thing, there’s no way they nailed the topic of Aquaman.” HOLD ON, PROFESSOR. They totally nailed that topic. They also nailed the topic of Olympic swimming. And swimsuits.

I’m calling it now: worst SNL ever. And that includes the entire Joe Piscopo era.