Videogum Brings Down A Giant

As you may or may not recall, in the early days of Videogum I used to write regularly about the shows College Hill: Atlanta and Iron Ring, both of which appear on BET. It was in writing about these shows that we received our first Cease and Desist letter because the entertainment geniuses at the network decided they didn’t want any free promotion for their projects. FAIR ENOUGH. I took down all BET related videos, and replaced them with this image:

OUCH! I also vowed never to cover BET shows again. Well, there’s news today that our freeze out of BET’s programming has resulted in some PRETTY MAJOR shakeups at the network. From the New York Times:

BET Networks, a division of Viacom, announced on Thursday that Reginald Hudlin, its president of entertainment, was stepping down. No reason was given.

I think we know the reason.