You Can Make It Up: Lauren Conrad’s YA Novel

Laura Goes To Hollywood: An Inspirational Story For Young Women
by Lauren Conrad


Laura Bonrad get in her Mercedes. She kiss her mom goodbye on the cheek.

“Goodbye, mama,” she say. “I have to go Hollywood now.”

Laura mom cry. “Laura, I so proud of you there no better daughter in the whole world, I love you so much.”

Laura almost cry such a sad moment but happy with all the excitement. “Mama, I love you too, I go to Hollywood now to make a success of my life by get reality show, everyone’s dream.” Laura start up her Mercedes S-class. She drive onto highway like yellow brick road. She drive over one hour to Hollywood. What a journey! Laura tired so she go to Pinkberry.


In Hollywood she make great friends with Holly and Audrino. It take over two days but Laura get her own show and everyone eat a salad at an outdoor café for their job can you believe it? She call her mom on a RAZR phone. “Mama, I huge success,” Laura says.

Laura mom cry. “Laura, I always know you be do success from when you baby. A reality show. It incredible.”

Laura hang up phone and go to Pinkberry.

Later, Laura get in fight with Holly. Holly got a new boyfriend with Spender and Laura tell Holly to be careful of Spender. Holly not even listen she make Laura talk to hand and then Spender tell everyone that Laura have a movie she make with her friend Jakeson and Laura like “I not have this movie.” Laura and Holly stop friendship completely. Laura move in with Audrino and complain about Holly.

Audrino put on a bathing suit.


It turn out reality show is hard work. One day Laura get the wrong size coffee at Moonbucks, her favorite coffee shop. That just one example. Another day she go out to lunch with her friend Brady Jennar and they barely talk. Only able to make 10 minutes of show out of their conversation. Laura realize that maybe reality show harder than she think before.

Audrino make friends with a homosexual hairdresser Bobby Justin. Drift away from Laura. Friendship hard just like reality show. Laura Bonrad call her mom. “It so hard, mom, it harder than I thought. I am a woman now.”

“You can do it,” Laura mom say, giving her huge confidence. “You can even be president one day.”

Laura cry. Laura mom cry. But important lessons learned that inspire all girls.

Laura Bonrad go to Pinkberry to celebrate.