Restoring Honor And Dignity To The Videogum Louis C.K. Promise

I have to be honest, when I posted a clip from Louis C.K.’s upcoming stand up special, Chewed Up, airing on Showtime, October 4th, I didn’t feel great about it. Sure, we made a Videogum promise to bring you anything Louis C.K. related AS IT HAPPENED, and I made good on that promise. But not only was the sound out of synch, I didn’t even like the joke that much. That’s a hard truth for me to put in my pipe and smoke as someone who thinks that Louis C.K. is the single best stand up comedian working today, but the tobacco of the matter is I just don’t really care about how badly he feels the need to cum all the time. BUT SO, it is with great pleasure (ew) that I bring to you another clip from his upcoming stand up special, Chewed Up, airing on Showtime October 4th, because it reminds us that we weren’t wrong when we took that solemn oath almost two and a half months ago.