Videogum’s Please Don’t Make Me Meet Kathy Griffin Contest

Kathy Griffin is holding a contest in which fans (she has fans!) can win a chance to meet what some people have called Neediness Incarnate (hint: some people write this blog):


Thanks so much for your interest and support. You, the fans, have made this year so special for Kathy and the entire staff. We recently gave away meet and greets and tickets to the Madison Square Garden and the Mohegan Sun. And we would like to do it again.

Kathy will be giving away a unique meeting with her at any tour stop you select for you and a guest. That is right…you choose! A meet and greet at any tour stop you dictate. She also plans on having a unique signed emmy program in hand for you as well.

What do you have to do? Make a Kathy-centric video and post it to youtube. We are looking for the most creative video we can find. Anything relating to the Kathy universe will qualify. A skit, a story, you singing, something creative, you make the call. Register the URL of the youtube video here.

Ew. Well, we’re holding a contest of our own, and the best part of our contest is EVERYONE WINS. More info after the jump.

RULES: Just make a YouTube explaining why you don’t want to meet Kathy Griffin, then send us a link here. The videos should not be more than one minute long, and should be respectful. There are plenty of very legitimate, family friendly reasons to not want to meet Kathy Griffin, you guys. Don’t be creeps. Winning entries will be posted on We reserve the full right to cancel or alter this contest at anytime. We reserve the right to select the means to draw our contest winners or determine selections. We reserve the right to forget about this whole thing because it’s ridiculous.

ENTRY RULES: Contest is open to everyone. Everyone in the whole world. Except Germany. Sorry, Germany. You started the Holocaust so now you have to meet Kathy Griffin. Fair is fair.

PRIZES: Everyone who enters the contest is GUARANTEED to not meet Kathy Griffin. If anyone actually does enter this contest, and no one will enter this contest, but if someone does, we will choose the best entrant and send them something fun in the mail. Maybe it will be a DVD, and maybe it will be a That’s Your Boyfriend t-shirt. We really haven’t thought this through. But no matter what, you will definitely win the opportunity to not have to meet Kathy Griffin. So, congratulations.