Whoops, Some Guys Are Still Mad About Borat

Great news for people who have time machines and regularly travel back to 2006! A New York judge has dismissed three lawsuits against Borat. From the AP:

NEW YORK — A New York judge has tossed out lawsuits brought by a driving instructor and two etiquette school teachers who said the makers of the movie “Borat” deceived them.

Judge Loretta Preska says all three accepted money and signed agreements releasing the filmmakers from liability. She noted in a Sept. 3 ruling the agreements said the plaintiffs consented to appear in a “documentary-style” movie.

Aw. This is sad for those guys because they’re going to be telling all their friends, “I can’t believe the judge favored Borat over me,” and their friends are going to be like, “What’s Borat?” and then they have to explain, “Oh, it was a movie that came out a billion years ago.” And then, “But you’re still mad about it?” And then “Yeah, I’m still mad. I guess I’m kind of an asshole, just like how the movie depicted me.” CASE DISMISSED DUE TO WHO CARES.