NSFW: Name The Upcoming Sarah Palin Porno

If you live in the Atlanta area, look like Sarah Palin, and you’re into adult entertainment that I suspect might turn out very humiliatingly for you, here’s a job:

(thanks for the tip, Sachar)

REAL TALK! Take it easy though, guys. As the listing says this is on a PER EPISODE basis. Let’s see how you do on the first one (how you do!) before we start talking trilogy. But clearly the project still needs a title. A few NSFW suggestions after the jump.

  • The Bridge To Cumwhere
  • Sarah Penishands
  • Don’t Tell Mom The Republican Nominee For Vice President Gives Head
  • Ball-Draining Anti-Abortion Whores 7
  • Bang Bus: Sarah Palin

Sorry. I’m sorry.