Prevent Unwanted Puppy Pregnancy With A Videogum T-Shirt

(As part of the ThinkUp partnership between Diane Von Neighborhoodies and some of the internet’s favorite blogs, we’ve come up with five Videogum-themed designs for attractive t-shirts that you can wear on your wonderland of a body, and all the money goes to charity.)

Today’s fully color-customizable design is based on one of the world’s most beloved viral videos of Bill O’Reilly losing his shit and acting like satan: Bill O’Reillys Do It Live. It would make a great Thanksgiving dinner outfit if you have FOX News-watching relatives like me. (The shirt is the whole outfit — no pants allowed.) Just think, explaining your shirt by showing the video on the ‘ol dial-up in the family room could be what educators call a “teachable moment”! Or, you could wear it as a pajama shirt for only the special O’Reilly-hater in your bed to see. Either way, all proceeds will go to the ASPCA, who make sure our animal friends are fed, clothed, petted, and fixed. Yay!

We’ll have a different Videogummy shirt up here every day (Stereogum has ‘em, too!) Here’s yesterday’s: Al Joker.