Operation Buy And Then Watch This: Telephone Book

Here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to copy and paste the description of a movie called Telephone Book directly from the movie’s official homepage. After that, I’m going to tell you that the trailer for the movie is after the jump. I’m going to post the trailer, and a link to where you can buy this movie. And after that I’m going to say “you’re welcome.”

A clean cut very well dressed Taylor Made (M. Allen) and his brother E. Master C. (D. Allen) wakes up in their trailer home hungry and broke. Before leaving the trailer park to go job hunting, Daphine (Tipton) informs her admiring neighbor E. Master C. about the big trailer park party “hoe down” taking place later that evening. The starving Allen Brothers meet Gold Grill (MTF), a Race Car Champion Millionaire in desperate need of a pay stub because of a parole violation, at a temporary work service Work Is Us. These brothers from the hood and red neck must learn to work together when they are giving a job to deliver Telephone Books. These bumbling idiots encounter obstacle after obsacle like delivering Telephone Books to a mean old tax lady (Labry). Framed by Grill’s jealous racing competitor Lightning (Cunningham), these idiots find themselves running from police (Morgan and Dupuy) all over Jigga City in a Chrsler 300 M delivering Telephone Books to get paid before Work Is Us closes.

After the jump, the trailer for Telephone Book.

Buy the movie here. You’re welcome.