Save A Horse, Ride A Videogum T-Shirt

So, the only thing that Lindsay and I like more than watching pixelated footage of people fucking up their faces on some trampolines is LOOKING GREAT. And the only thing we like more than looking great is HELPING BABY ANIMALS. Well, through the love and generosity of fashion designer, now you can combine all three. As part of the ThinkUp partnership between Diane Von Neighborhoodies and some of the internet’s favorite blogs, we’ve come up with five Videogum-themed designs for attractive t-shirts that you can wear on your wonderland of a body, and all the money goes to charity.

Today’s design: Al Joker. Nice.

You can choose from hundreds of the world’s finest t-shirt colors, and also the graphic’s color as well, for a totally customizable item, and that’s fresh. All proceeds will go to the ASPCA, which is a charity that does great things for cute little guys. Every day this week we will be introducing you to a different t-shirt design that you can buy IRL and wear OMG to be a PYT or WTVR.