Entourage: What Is The Problem With Danger Beach?

On last night’s Entourage, Ari was high-strung, E was struggling to be taken seriously, Drama was a goof-head, Turtle just wanted to get laid, and Vince was lackadaisical about his career. The writers and producers have clearly taken a Starbucks philosophy towards this show, hoping that viewers will simply take comfort in knowing that every time they visit they’re going to get the exact same thing. In last night’s premiere episode, it picked up six months from where we left off, with Vince hiding out in Mexico after Medellin’s disastrous appearance at Cannes, Eric struggling with his baby management company by representing…Bow Wow? Anyway, a deal came through for Vinny for a thriller called Danger Beach, and apparently that was the writers’s very favoritest joke for how much all the characters couldn’t stop talking about it.

Just to recap:

The thing is, I would totally see a movie called Danger Beach, and if Snakes on Plane is any indication, SO WOULD AMERICA. Sorry, Entourage writers. Your verisimilitude when it comes to lazy playboys trading blog-caliber insults on picturesque beaches is impeccable (because I have no way to prove that it’s ridiculous), but when it comes to what the American people do or do not want, you should stick to making fun of smelly pussies and Models Inc.